Chester postpones game amid Wales-England rules row
Chester postpones game amid Wales-England rules row

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An English football club has postponed its next home game after it was accused of breaking Welsh Covid rules.

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Chester FC was due to face Brackley Town on Saturday at the Deva Stadium.

But the club has now said it does not feel it has reached a "definitive resolution" after a debate about where it lies geographically.

The Welsh government insists that, as the ground lies in Wales, it is subject to its rules, but has declined to comment on this latest development.

Chester, whose Bumpers Lane home straddles the England and Wales border, has staged two home games since rules capping the number of spectators at events in Wales took effect on 26 December.

The side hosted AFC Telford and AFC Fylde - both in front of 2,000-plus crowds - and has been warned about playing further home matches with crowds.

In a statement, the club said it met the Welsh government and councils in Flintshire and Chester, but has not come to an agreement, so would be obtaining further legal advice.

Chester had insisted it had been told it was not eligible for financial support - from the £3m available for clubs in Wales impacted by fan restrictions - as it was an English club, but the Welsh government has said: "As a club based in Wales, Chester FC would be eligible for support."

Mark Drakeford said discussions had been focused on ensuring "the law is upheld in Wales" and the "interests of the club are safeguarded".

He added: "It is important we find a pragmatic solution which is clear on the law in Wales and the law is the same for all clubs in Wales, but also recognising there are important issues for Chester FC in trying to help them with those issues too."

Chairman Andy Morris previously told BBC Radio Merseyside: "I get a feeling that nobody really knows what to do with the situation", after a meeting with Cheshire, Flintshire police and both local authorities on Friday.

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