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In a place you can easily see everyday Sweden Phone Number List  post your revenue goal in big, bright numbers. Staring at this Sweden Phone Number List everyday will remind you what you need to do first thing every day. As you accomplish sales, cross off the revenue number to reflect what you still have left to sell. This countdown will keep you motivated to make one more call each day! Stay away from the Life Suckers in your office. They are not customers, and Sweden Phone Number List they will not buy from you. Your Sweden Phone Number List customers are on the outside (or the other end of the phone). Life Suckers will only waste your time complaining. They provide no motivation to get your work done.

Close your doors, hide, or work from a different office! As Dan Kennedy says: “If they can’t find you, they can’t interrupt you.” If you work in a Sweden Phone Number List cubicle find an empty office space or meeting room to make your calls from. Be on time. Show respect for other people’s time and they will eventually show respect for yours. Its reciprocity at work. Use a CRM and enjoy Sales force automation tool to stay organized. If you are not organized you will waste tremendous Sweden Phone Number List amounts of time finding leads, looking for files and trying to remember what you talked about last time.

All your notes, follow ups and client information should be in one place, ideally in an automated follow up system found in a CRM Sweden Phone Number List of sales force automation. I don‘t care what you use – although some, such as Maximiser and are better than others (in my opinion anyway!). Pick one that suits your business and your budget.. Know the value of your time, and outsource anything that can be done for less than you are Sweden Phone Number List worth. If you don’t know what your average hourly rate is, then I suggest you figure it out using the following simple formula:

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