Investing on stocks Vs investing on property
So, what do you prefer in general?
I know a few people who would rather invest in some property rather than using the same in stocks. They believe it's more safe that way. So, what do you guys think in general?
I am sure stocks involve risk factor as well.
I prefer the stock market. Real estate is hard because being a landlord is hard. You have to vet and approve tenants who hopefully don't destroy the play, pay timely, and overall a pleasure to work with. As a landlord you're responsible for properly maintenance. Investing in quality stocks is the way to go in my opinion.
I have stock/shares with the company i work for but i don't really touch the stock markets, just dont have the time to spend on it.
I have just started tipping my toes in investing in stocks, pick up some $BB $NAKD couple of others.. Crypto Currency has gotten my attention as well. All I can do is see where I takes me.
For short term go with stock markets and for long term Real estates, but in this buy only land not apartments as they wont bring good fortunes. Investing in real estate will never lose money except time, but in stock market theirs every chance to lose and gain, but no guarantee.

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