Where should I invest money for getting a higher return?
I have cash that I have saved, just little savings, and I want to invest it but I'm confused about where to invest that money so that I can have a good return back, or in the long runs, I get good benefits. If you know what I mean.

whether I should invest In FD, RD, or go with Mutual Funds. Unless you think otherwise. What about Bitcoin? Another method.

Banks are paying literally no interest so it does not make sense to lock up your funds in CDs of any duration. Leave your money in banks for savings otherwise any excess cash should be invested in the stock market or real estate if possible.
Go with real estate, but the prices are too high here and I don't know about your country although you will make some profits. Regarding Bitcoin currently it is not right time to invest, but you can when the price drops below 10k.
Always don't invest all the money in one type also keep some money in your saving bank for future use.

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