Planning application
Do you use any finance planning applications?

I used an indigenously made app called 'Kathabook'. Its like a routine ledger were we add our expenses and our income and get a bird eye picture of it.
Finance planning has helped me to become more financially independent and disciplined and planning through mobile applications has helped me keep a record of it too.

What about you guys?
I don't use any planning apps, I think it's more than common sense to me anyway as long as what monthly to whatever payment subscription that you do and keeping track of your bill payment. If I was running a more business then it's a bad thing to have a more planning organization system.
I dont use any planning apps myself as i do know what my monthy spends are, i keep everything in a ledger book just to keep track of the times and the amounts.
Yeah, i don't usually use any paid or software that recommends me sending my bank account information over. I try to either have my budget plan in a book or use BudgetRoot since they don't request you to import your bank account statements.

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