Accounting/book keeping app for yoga teachers?
Accounting/book keeping app for yoga teachers?

Hi I am a yoga teacher and I teach donation based yoga classes once a week to raise money for different organizations fighting for justice. 100% of profits are donated.

As my business grows I have incurred more expenses (ie. monthly online waiver form website bill etc) and I am starting to record them so that I can cover them with the class revenue.

We eventually plan to turn the business into a 501c3, but for now we want to get our foundation stronger.

Does anyone know of good software that will help us track: Attendees at each event Their donation amounts The totals donated to each charity throughout the year And all of our business expenses

The hard part is the fact that each weekly yoga event needs to be tracked seperately, but we also need monthly/annual financial data.

Help please Smile thank you.

And of course free options are preferred, but will consider affordable options too.

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