How to create a web page
Web page
It is a group of pages that are related to each other according to informational languages and special programming languages, which are called (MarkUp Language) languages, and they appear to the user on the computer screen when connected to the Internet and entering a search engine

How to create a web page
The study and planning stage: It is considered one of the most important steps in creating a website. Where everyone who wants to create a new website must conduct a comprehensive study on the content and quality of the site, such as creating the site for entertainment and entertainment, or for information, or educational lessons.

In addition to the importance of knowing the age group that the site serves, is it for the youth group, or for the young, or does it serve all groups and ages, and this step includes dividing the site into an index and reference, in order to publicize the site online.

Design stage: This step includes taking care of the site’s content and designing it in line with the general content of the website, by choosing a website designer who has great experience and high competence to make the site distinct from other sites, by knowing the coordination between colors and the template Outer.

Promotion stage: This stage is considered one of the most difficult stages of creating a website, so the website can only succeed by promoting it among the famous Internet sites in the world, in order to attract the largest possible number of visitors; The increase in the number of visitors and followers of the site increases the success of the site and its value among other sites

Interactive information
It is the information that allows the user to share his opinion, and it is considered one of the most complex information compared to other information, and it includes: Interactive texts, which allow interaction between the user and the page.

Interactive illustrations, and allow the end user to interact with the web page, through (Click To Play), and two programs are used: Java and Flash. Buttons, which present a specific task when pressed.

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