Website development
Website development steps
Developing web pages includes the following steps: Learn the techniques and languages of website programming, and the Internet contains many sites that help to learn these languages for free.

Use the Editor program; Because website page code files are basically text files, the programmer can create website pages using a simple program such as Notepad only.

But when creating large and complex pages, the Notepad files will be difficult to read, so the programmer will need to use an editing program that contains more advanced features such as color coding, examples of these programs include Notepad ++ (++) and Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express ( Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express, BBEdit only for Mac

The programs are free, but some need to be purchased, such as Adobe Dreamweaver and the free MS Visual Web Developer.

Create website pages by creating a text file (txt), such as (page.txt), then changing the file extension to (html) so that it becomes (page.html), then opening the file using Notepad or any editing program, then writing the H code. HTML or XHTML for the page, then save the changes, and open the file on the browser.

Ensure that the website created is consistent by downloading major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera as all are free, and testing the website on Every browser.

Ensure that the pages are legal, and comply with standards and recommendations
Who tests if the site contains errors or not. Website page design. Visiting different sites and studying them to get some website building ideas, when entering a specific site

The page source can be seen by clicking with the right mouse button on a blank area in the browser, and selecting the view source, then the code used to create this page appears, and the way the page source is displayed may differ in different browsers.

Skills to learn to build a website
One of the most important programming skills that all website developers should know: HTML 5. CSS 3. JavaScript language. PHP. SQL.

Version Control Systems. Agile Methodology for developing websites.

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