Is it wrong to expect support from friends?
Is it wrong to expect support from friends?

I recently started a business with my mother and a family friend. I am mainly in charge of the social media part. I have noticed that some friends of mine or my mothers are very supportive, they comment share or like most posts which is obviously great for our page. However, my best friend has even not followed the page. I have told her about our business and she has also never asked me about it, she generally seems very uninterested. On the other hand a very close friend of mine is VERY supportive and a lot of her friends have already followed our page.

Is it wrong for me to be disappointed in my friend? I know it might sound dramatic because it is just an instagram page, but this is how we are currently selling our product (we don’t have a website yet) and it does really help when people interact with the page.

I’m mainly sad because I know I wouldn’t do this if the roles were reversed.

Edit: this isn’t an MLM or dropshipping thing, we sell handmade products

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