How do I create an Internet startup and survive?
How do I create an Internet startup and survive?

Greetings, redditors. I'm sorry if this question gets asked a lot, but I'm very new to this.

I've got an original idea of a social network, which I know myself and at least few other people would love to have.

I'm a rather experienced software programmer. I've got little experience in server/web programming, but I'm pretty confident I can learn and create the needed infrastructure, software and front-end.

But what's next? Software development is the only thing I'm good at.

Where do I host it? How do I protect it from hackers attacks? How do I deal with international laws and demands of intelligence services? How do I deal with big players with big resources trying to consume my project?

I'm just a programmer. I have no knowledge of business and law.

First step seems to be assembling a team. But would that mean that my team can claim the shared ownership of my project? And if I hire an accountant - how do I keep them from stealing money?

Another solution would be to sell my project to a big player. But that would take the ownership away from me and let them twist it however they want. I'm the most afraid here of the essential features getting paywalled.

And what do I do if I a big player tries to sue me for one reason or another?

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