How to grow a Virtual Assistant service company?
How to grow a Virtual Assistant service company?

So, I made a post before (albeit on a different subreddit. I'm new so I hope this is okay) about starting a VA company where it basically solves the trust issues in the industry. I am a Filipino VA (Virtual Assistant) and have been for a better part of a decade. I live here in the Philippines and I've started a VA company due to the higher demand during this pandemic. We as a company will be responsible for the VA so that clients would feel secure that they won't just suddenly disappear and ghost them. On the other hand, we will secure payments for the Virtual Assistants.

VAs will perform various administrative tasks, including answering emails, data entry, scheduling meetings, social media management, general research, and making travel arrangements. Of course, because every business is different we also allow them to be trained for different tasks that would fit the business. Working hours would be in the client's timezone or whichever they require.

I'm actually talking to potential clients right now but my question is how do I go to the next step? How do I grow a VA company?

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