Expanding bussiness - no space
Expanding bussiness - no space

I run small clothing business. It started as a side hustle but now more and more income is generated so soon I will be able to do it as my full-time job. As previously said, I sell clothes online. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and I store my items in one room. At the moment I've got around 500 items. Soon, I will not be able to store the items at home (I've got space left for 400-500 more items). In order to grow my business, i need more stock and here is the thing - the business does not generate enough to afford warehouse rental and pay myself a salary for living expenses. I was thinking of renting a bigger house and dedicate 2 rooms towards my business, but i feel like productivity at home is not the best. Other option would be to approach some companies and ask whether they have any extra space that they want to sublet for cheap. Any other options I have? Appreciate all advice. I really want to scale up my business but not sure how..

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