Me asking about a specific Facebook ad strategy
Me asking about a specific Facebook ad strategy

Hi everyone,

I've been doing music for 11 years. (Producing, engineering, mixing, mastering.. that stuff!)

I helped lots of local/close customers but now i'm recently focusing to be a B2B online service for this specific customer. I'm fairly familiar in creating catchy video ads, but i'm not fairly sure what the best way is to share this through ads.

As most of you know, facebook's best/most used campaign strategies are Brand awareness, Click to website and Conversions.

I would like to know how i fairly can use the best ad strategy for my service.

What i know, been through and got:

  • Facebook Audience insights with a fairly broad audience.
  • Facebook page made
  • Video ad with example included made
  • Website up with (i think) everything important included. Product example, testimonials, about me, contact information. Very straight forward website!
  • Google business is up, no ad up.

Hope someone out there can help! If i miss something or you need more information, let me know!

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