Could a worse looking webpage give a clearer read on how compelling a product is?
Could a worse looking webpage give a clearer read on how compelling a product is?

I'm trying to test the demand for an idea (rentable high tech brick & mortar spaces for tabletop gaming) I've been kicking around. I commissioned a 3D model of the space from my girlfriend ($200), built a very shoddy Squarespace website in a day ($20), and bought $50 of Facebook ads.

The webpage asked people to submit their city and email address so that we could use the data to determine where our first location should be.

In one day, after $50 of spend, I got 240 clicks, 350 visits on my webpage (110 organic), and 10 signups on my website form, so a 2.9% conversion rate - which I'm slightly disappointed about. I have a strong suspicion this has to do with the low quality of my website, as I have no website design skills to speak of. The form is at the bottom of the webpage, which you have to scroll all the way down to get to. However, a budding counter-argument in my head is this:

The goal of this test is to demonstrate product-market fit through initial interest. If there were truly a highly motivated group of users that loved the idea, they would sign-up and leave comments even if the website doesn't look amazing.

Does this make sense? Should I interpret these results as a non-starter, and move on? Or perhaps should I invest a bit more money into getting a nicer website built, and try testing again?

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