Feedback on sustainable newsletter idea
Feedback on sustainable newsletter idea

I'm looking for feedback on a project I started recently.

A few weeks ago I started a free newsletter called Sustained Growth, which breaks down sustainable business trends and cool up-and-coming companies. The idea was born out of my frustration that many people still see sustainability and commercial success as mutually exclusive, which is not the case. One article per week, straight to you inbox. Links to example articles in the comments for those interested (don’t want to spam).

Not trying self promote here, but rather gauge people’s opinion on the idea before deciding whether to ramp it up. I feel this is a great community to gain feedback from because i) entrepreneurs fit my target audience, and ii) some of you may have experience running similar newsletters/blogs:

- Would this (free) newsletter be something you would subscribe to? If not, why?

- If so, are there any particular topics would you like to see featured? Any particular companies?

- Do you currently subscribe to any similar publications?

Thank you in advance - and any other constructive feedback that you could offer would be much appreciated!

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